Team Building

CITY SCRAMBLE Event on March 21st 2019

Objective: To discover the hidden treasures of your capital city.

Combining a high level of teamwork, commitment and fun your teams will need to be at their best to come out on top. The challenges will keep coming throughout the program as we sort the weak from the strong, the slow from the fast and the winners from those that tried hard but didn’t quite make it.

The only question that remains is who will win the CITY SCRAMBLE!!!!!


Armed with a digital camera, maps, money, public transport tickets and a list of items to collect, photograph and buy – the teams will be let loose in the CBD. The objective of the program is to gain as many points as possible by completing set tasks (these tasks can be tailored to address certain teambuilding issues or they could be recreational challenges). Discover just how much you didn’t know about the history, character and attractions existing right on your own cities doorstep.

Teams will be handed an instruction booklet outlining where and when various activity stations will be held in order for teams to earn big points in the City Scramble. Teams must use their cash to get there on time and comeplete the tasks for points. Are you a scrooge and encourage your team to run and save money, or will you hire a limo to get you around?

In between activity stations, various tasks must be completed for more points, involving teams making their way to various landmarks and attractions to complete specific City Scramble tasks.

The City Scramble is a great team building event, encouraging strategy, communication, navigation and the ability to follow instructions. Throw in history, local trivia and customised corporate information if you wish, and you have the makings of a great event. Not only will your group come away with a better knowledge of the city, they will also have photos of part or all of their team kissing strangers, performing handstands, dancing in front of strangers, creating human pyramids and standing in front of some of your city’s most loved tourist destinations (all of these tasks can be modified to suit the abilities and interests of your team).

Successfully combining teamwork, co-operation, competition and most importantly fun the City Scramble will be an event that your team will be talking about for years to come.

Now get Scrambling!!!!!!

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