Corporate Days

Corporate Days

Are you Looking for Corporate Incentives, Rewards or Sporting Events Days that your Staff will really enjoy? Sports Corp Elite are known for their outstanding Special Events!

Motivation is about making things happen!

We design and deliver incentive, reward, and recognition programs make a statement to your people.

We design programs and events that:
•    Are highly valued
•    Interests and appeals to your people
•    Motivate and invigorate

Why not add that extra ‘WOW‘ factor by including an Elite Sportsperson into your chosen Sports Event?

Corporate Golf Day

A Team Building Corporate Event

Want to organise a Corporate Golf Day? It sounds so easy when you say it… but what does it really entail? Think about these things:

Pre Day Arrangements

  • Course booking including tee reservation
  • Golf Club staff communication
  • Clubhouse food and Beverage requirements
  • On course refreshments
  • Tournament format, card preparation and draw
  • Course preparation for nearest the pin, longest and straightest drives
  • Clubhouse parking requirements
  • Bag drop and buggy preparation planning
  • Hole allocation for sponsors and on course promotion management
  • Course access for banner placement on sponsored holes
  • Golf Course financial agreement

On the Day Administration

  • Preparation and manning of registration table
  • Distribution of pre game ‘giveaways’
  • Pre game welcome, rules & regulations review and send off
  • Prize table preparation
  • Card checking, score board management and preparation of results
  • MC for prize giving, microphone etc
  • Bag drop and buggy preparation
  • General tournament administration

To Consider

  • Preparation of printed welcome, agenda, rules and registrations and play format
  • On course fund raising events and staffing requirements
  • Requirements for prizes
  • Day timeline
  • Volunteer staff job delegation
  • Liaising with sponsors
  • Fund raisers:- 2 to 1 par 3 bet, speed gun, left handed club

Still want to do it all yourself? We didn’t think so!  Make an enquiry with Sports Corp Elite Today!

Corporate Beach Volleyball

Team Building Fun

Experience the fun, the teamwork and the excitement of playing this Olympic sport under instruction from some of the worlds l eading Beach Volleyball Players.

To make this eventmore exciting you can have the event hosted by 2000 Olympics Beach Volleyball Gold Medalists, Kerri Potharst and / or Natalie Cook, including motivational speech and autographed gold beach volleyballs. This creates one of the most memorable team building events you, your staff or your clients will ever experience!

The activity starts with team selection, team song, and a quick brief on the rules and the finer points of the game.

Then, join them for a fun filled clinic and learn all the skills yourself! We set you some goals and in a team-building environment you get the chance to challenge yourself. (Catered to all skill levels.)

Finish off with a hilarious and energy filled round robin tournament and see how well your team goes in a fast paced competition.

The day will include:

1. Set up of Beach Volleyball courts ANYWHERE IN AUSTRALIA.

2. Expert playing and coaching by some of the fittest and most experienced elite national players.

3. Tournament organisation, facilitation, scoring and coordination.

4. Team building and experiential learning activities.

5. Heaps of beach volleyballs to use on the day.

6. All program designed with fully qualified facilitators matched to your group size.

With outcomes including: Communication, Creating team power, Developing new skills, Shared leadership, Building a game plan and with the accent on being positive and having a whole bunch of fun, this is an outstanding corporate experience.

Beach Volleyball is a naturally dynamic team-building event that requires low skill or fitness levels and still enable participants to be challenged, have fun and bond with your team.

Corporate Surf Carnival

Team Building in the Surf

2 -3 hours of fun group competition and team development, in a round robin multi heat format on the beautiful beaches around the beach of your choice.

Participants are divided into equal teams and allocated team hats or life saving caps, briefed on the format and events of the day, and given a short time to identify their teams’ strengths to have the best possible chance of winning each event.

Iron man / woman, surf race, beach flags, board paddle, snap-taplin relay, and swimming races makes for a very competitive and extremely fun event.  The corporate surf carnival is run under the supervision of experienced qualified Surf Life Saving Professionals.

This event is very popular with organisations looking to improve interdepartmental communication, team bonding and teamwork.

Format:  Consecutive heats in Round Robin Style

The day will include the following: MC, facilitators, set up, design and development, all beach craft and equipment, all resources, beach permits, team colored zinc cream and sunscreen, team hats, bottled water, engraved winners medallions and a guaranteed fun and team bonding event.

Shade marquees are available to be set up on the beach.


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