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Tantalising Tuscany

Treat your team to an Italian Master Class

Whatever way you look at it food touches everyone. We need it to survive! However it’s the preparation of where the passion happens and where people’s creativity can thrive. Why? The chef becomes an artist as they prepare a masterpiece…or an assembly line manufacturer as they flounder in the dark dungeon of a microwave meal.

It is in the different regions of the world where the food creativity happens. All countries have the same ingredients yet produce such different results. The worlds top chef’s rave about Italian and in particular, Tuscan Cuisine. The tastes, the smells, the fresh ingredients, the passion, the love of cooking…..

Tantalising Tuscany saves you the airfare and brings a Tuscan gastronomic experience to you and your team!

Tantalising Tuscany is more than a ‘cooking class’. Tuscan chefs, Simone and Filippo Franchi take teams on a journey into the heart and soul of Italian cooking as they unlock the secrets of amazing Tuscan food in a highly participative, fun and energetic environment.

Teams not only get to cook fantastic Tuscan Cuisine as chefs but then sit down as restaurant customers to enjoy the amazing food they have created. Best of all – team members get to take the secrets home to amaze friends and family.

Teams interact and work together in a fun and unique environment and are involved in every step of the creative cooking process. From mixing the pizza dough, preparing and choosing the ingredients to creating their own unique restaurant, teams ‘own’ the experience from start to finish.

Each person gets to cook their own unique pizza and faces the ultimate culinary test as their team mates vote for the best pizza and choose the ‘pizza king or queen’. The meal is accompanied by live Italian music from the fabulous Franchi Brothers. And hey, if there is any great food left over – you have a doggy bag to take it home!


·         Engages both left and right thinking skills

·         Creates a ‘what’s possible?’ mentality

·         Discover more about the hidden creative abilities of team mates

·         Teams will create something that they didn’t think possible!

·         Opens up new lines of communication

·         Develops team camaraderie as they work towards a common goal

Practical details….

·         Fun, unique and dynamic experience that engages everyone

·         Everyone participates – no physically challenging activities!!

·         Teams work with professional Italian chefs and facilitators

·         Works with all groups sizes and all levels of perceived cooking ability

·         Experience can be run anywhere – bring the cooking equipment to you!

·         Cost/head covers 3 courses of Italian food: 3-4 starters, Pizza (main) and Desert.

·         Each team member creates their unique own Italian pizza!

·         2.5 – 3.5 hrs in length

·         More food to eat than you can imagine!

And a very happy team!

I would like to thank you again for the Tantalising Tuscany experience that we had this week. It was exactly what the team was looking for and the absolute highlight of our offsite. It was so refreshing to do something so fun and unique and Simone and Filippo were just fantastic. Thanks again and we are already looking forward to working with you again later in the year. Creata

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