Fun / Team Bonding

The AGENDA Team Challenge

The Agenda instills the message into participants that understanding, trusting and having empathy for each other, and going that extra mile and giving that extra bit of effort will get them closer to reaching their goals. 


Overview: A fully facilitated personality trait appreciation activity that identifies how each participant is viewed by his/her colleagues.

1. First, take a piece of flipchart paper and write your name vertically down the left side.
2. Next, choose a word that starts with each letter of your name. The word should describe something about you. Write those words horizontally across the paper, using the letters of your name as the first letter of each descriptive word.
3. After you have listed your words, highlight the 3 words that you think best describe you
4. When you are finished, tape your poster to the wall. The facilitator will the promote group discussion on each persons poster, identifying strengths and individual traits that may assist the group in the following activities.
Outcomes: Appreciation, understanding, self-esteem and confidence building, fun, bonding


Overview: Participants are grouped into a very large circle. The facilitator brings out 3 -7 cats (stuffed animals) and the group is told they will learn how to cat juggle. One cat is thrown across the circle to one of the participants; he/she then throws the cat to another participant and so on until cats are flying everywhere. The team is challenged to juggle the cats without dropping any and completing the exercise in less and less time. What starts out as wild and crazy fun chaos end up with a highly functional and efficient team process.

Outcomes: As the group is challenged to improve their performance barriers are identified and creative solutions are introduced to overcome self imposed limitations. Participants open up to experiential learning as they enjoy having fun together and gaining insights into real world business issues.


Overview: A 12 x 12 “minefield” is set up and with live mousetraps. Participants are divided into teams of two (manager and worker). The worker is blindfolded and sent into the minefield to rescue important objects. The coach guides the worker so no mousetraps are set off. The teams switch roles and repeat until all objects have been rescued. The objects, which are being “rescued” by the team, can be metaphorized to fit your company (i.e. objects represent new customers, satisfied clients, successful projects, etc.)
Outcomes: Trust, communication, listening, support, cooperation vs. competition. This one is an attention getter. It is very challenging and very fun.


Overview: A 9 x 9 tarp, divided into 81 squares is the corporate maze. Participants enter the maze one at a time and figure out the correct path through the maze by trial and error.

The first time a “bad” square is stepped on there is no penalty. However, don’t let one of your teammates step on that square again or dire consequences will occur. Keeping track of the path and surrounding bad squares challenges even the most proficient teams.
Outcomes: Effective planning, knowledge management, roles & responsibilities.


Overview: As the legendary firefighter said prior to extinguishing the hundreds of oil well fires following the Gulf War. Poor planning in this instance will be catastrophic, whereas proper planning will see us toasting our marshmallows whilst thinking of how we will spend our reward”.

This is a fantastic development activity for groups up to 100 people. Forward thinking and diverse thinking are two of the major outcomes of the dynamic learning experience. Individuals will be required to fine tune their communication skills and develop new styles of communication to ensure success. Strong leadership is essential to team development, as is the leaders trust and empathy in the assistant leader’s roles in successfully completing the tasks.

Every participant will be required to fulfill an essential role, where time frames and pressure place equal importance upon every role. Outcomes: Communication, Leadership, Planning, role empathy, listening, cooperation across organizational boundaries.

This is a fun bonding program, and a great team-building event that brings together all your team in a competitive, often hilarious and very thought provoking format, and provides the opportunity to discover the perhaps hidden talents and skills of your people.

This event includes first aid trained facilitators, all travel and logistics, venue hire and council permits, set up and clean up of venue, all pre planning, design and development, all equipment and resources, team hats for all participants, digital photography on the day, and a guaranteed fun day for all participants.

A digital photo library of the event will be copied to disc and ready at the conclusion of the event for you to show at the dinner / function that night.


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