Team Building

The Great Australian BBQ Challenge

An Outcome Based Team Building Activity

Who is the supreme BBQ team?

The Great Australian BBQ Challenge is a highly energised version of the Iron Chef Television Show, in combination with the touch of finesse of Gourmet Traveler Magazine. The program is a fantastic way for groups to challenge their culinary skills, work together as a team, and develop a greater understanding of working under pressure whilst relying on team mates to perform.

This unique team event will recreate such themes as creative thinking, open communication and team interaction.

“The Chairman” divides the group into equal teams and briefs them on the objectives of The Great Australian BBQ Challenge. Teams are then outfitted with chef hats, aprons, Gourmet BBQ’s, an array of cooking utensils, and a whole bunch of raw, unprepared ingredients. Add a few secret herbs and spices, along with the secret ingredient of the day, and the teams are ready to start planning their menu.

The Chairman will inject some creative challenges throughout the program to put some added pressure on the teams, as well as ensuring the teams work in unison with each other on one particular culinary project – the menu.

Teams must prepare themed courses including an entrée’, a gourmet salad, a sample of delicious vegetables, and an Aussie meat dish containing the secret ingredient. The Great Australian BBQ must be planned, prepared. Cooked and presented on time to the panel of esteemed judges.

Judges will award scores for taste, style, teamwork, presentation, and originality.
Then it is time for all participants to sit and feast on the gourmet BBQ delights and judge for themselves who they believe is The Great Australian BBQ Champion

Open up new channels of communication, idea sharing, cross pollination of experience, ideas and skills identifying and building team roles. Participants will be given objectives to complete, have scarce resources, be limited by time and face a variety of surprise obstacles.

And they will still be expected to succeed, just like at work! This fantastic team building event is divided into several progressive phases; each one more complicated and requiring greater teamwork in order for the teams to be successful. At the end of each phase the facilitator will invite participants to offer opinions, strategies and ideas.

The discussion will focus on teamwork, idea sharing, and support, trust, working together, defining roles, leadership and communication. Teams will be challenged to take their team support, and therefore their overall performance, to the next level in order to achieve success.

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