Team Building

Jungle Drums – Team Building Activity

A team of facilitators brings a vanload of instruments to your venue (indoor or outdoor) and within minutes a pulsating drum orchestra is created with any number of participants.

The Purpose

To give an organisation, its consultants and trainers a different type of teamwork experience which they can apply to their working environment. To give individuals the experience of being part of a successful team because without each other the orchestra does not exist.

The Goal

To transform the team into a unified, slick and cohesive entity that not only holds a musical beat, but takes that musical beat and delivers the performance of a lifetime, achieving a creative and musical frenzy that will be remembered forever. Participants will be involved in an exciting and engaging activity that gives a clear illustration and experience of successful teamwork.

The Tools

Drums and percussion instruments of all types suited to the group size, timings and venue.

The Format

We get the room ready setting the instruments out on chairs before everyone enters. Participants are encouraged to start playing and explore the instrument as soon as they sit down – even if they’ve never held a musical instrument before. The first piece of music is created from these explorations through the facilitator making eye contact and using body language to encourage the whole room to get into the beat.


The facilitator creates success within the music by aiding non-verbal communication within the group. He begins by developing listening from one side of the group to the other. This progresses to several sub groups or instrument types. Competitive sub groups may choose to compete for the limelight as they battle it out with energetic and often hilarious pieces of ‘music’. Finally complex relationships are drawn out. By the end the group is working as one and able to achieve remarkable results.


Our leadership style is one that encourages creativity and empowerment amongst the participants. If a participant can take over the leader’s role to bring about similar results by the end of the session, then that’s even better! This interactive session will bring out the creative best in each individual, and as a complete team.

Fun and Laughter

Your people will be on cloud nine both during and post drumming. The beat of the drums, the chance to explore their talents and creativity, and the feeling of success when the whole group reach a percussive climax of loud and throbbing proportion. The whole experience will leave the group on a high that will have them talking about the experience for weeks to follow.

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