Team Building

Corporate Hijack

An Outcome Based Team Building Activity

The true test of any executive team is the ability of that team to unite their collective knowledge, skills, experience and personalities to successfully complete any given task…….. apparently!

Place a group of people in unfamiliar surrounds, blind fold them, bundle them onto a 40 foot Scarab boat, or lead them under the thud, thud of a Bel Ranger Helicopter as they board to fly to an unknown destination, and soon the dynamic of that team changes dramatically.

The collective attributes of the team will make the seemingly impossible, more than possible, and together take the team to incredible new heights.

Guidelines and a survival pack are left with the team, and through nothing but their own initiative, they stand tall as they accept physical, emotional and psychological challenges (the rules change constantly). Through nothing but teamwork, process improvement and focussed intelligence, they experience small successes on their quest for survival.


Corporate Hijack quite simply brings out the best of a team, more particularly if that team is made up of company decision makers and executives. Working side by side to achieve success, each individual will experience new forms of communication and problem solving.

Their decision making ability will be tested at length under duress, and as a result their leadership qualities and the empathy required towards other individuals are tested, improved upon, and highlighted. The collective energy required to succeed in escaping the Corporate Hijack and returning to home base is the ultimate in turning the otherwise immeasurable team dynamic into a somewhat measurable and transparent team initiative.

The team will relive their experience through an in depth debrief process conducted by our organisational psychologist.

The Corporate Hijack can involve boats, helicopters, trains, buses, trucks, mountain bikes, kayaks, home made rafts, etc, depending on the requirements, dates, numbers and location of the event. Specific outcomes can be achieved via an intensive company review prior to the event, to align the outcomes of the day with that of the companies vision.

Corporate Hijack is the ultimate individual and team building challenge, and something that those involved will remember for years to come.

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