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Our Restaurant Rules

An Outcome Based Team Building Activity

Another television show inspired team building event, Our Restaurant rules recreates the real life pressure of a commercial kitchen. Your team will be required to come up with the theme of the restaurant, produce a marketing campaign and then deliver results in the kitchen!

Each Program Is Custom Designed

Sports Corp Elite design each employee team challenge to fit the particular needs of your team. Different team building activities yield different outcomes.

Each program is built using outcome driven team building activities. The activities involve your team being given an objective to complete, they will have limited time and resources and additional obstacles will be thrown in their way.  Teams will be guided to success in spite of the obstacles. There is no right or wrong way to complete the tasks, only how well the group work as a team.

Professional Facilitation Produces Clear Outcomes

Following each team challenge our professional facilitator(s) will lead your team in a focused debrief surrounding your team’s dynamics, relating their performance back to their workplace. The debrief lasts 20 – 30 minutes. We use a very powerful facilitation process to deliver business-focused results.

Participants in our programs rave about how much fun they have, as well as how much value they receive. Sports Corp Elite delivers solid team building results, which make a difference once the team returns to the workplace.


Open up new channels of communication, idea sharing, cross pollination of experience, ideas and skills identifying and building team roles.
Participants will be given objectives to complete, have scarce resources, be limited by time and face a variety of surprise obstacles.

And they will still be expected to succeed, just like at work!

This fantastic team building event is divided into several progressive phases; each one more complicated and requiring greater teamwork in order for the teams to be successful. At the end of each phase the facilitator will invite participants to offer opinions, strategies and ideas.

The discussion will focus on teamwork, idea sharing, support, trust, working together, defining roles, leadership and communication. Teams will be challenged to take their team support, and therefore their overall performance, to the next level in order to achieve success.

Each team will be briefed on the aims and objectives of the challenge. They are then plotted against each other, given a budget, a list of focused initiatives, a business brief, and a lot of creative license in order to complete the task.

Teams are given a 30 minute planning period and a white board, and are required to design a concept restaurant. The restaurant may serve fresh and healthy cuisine, fast food, it may be a take away convenient restaurant, or maybe a dine in restaurant (to be discussed).

Following the planning period teams will receive a limited budget (cash), limited resources and materials, and 1 hour to source additional resources, supplies, and materials from in and around the resort (beg, borrow or purchase).

Teams will be required to delegate team roles, and carefully plan their 1 hour resource gathering mission in order to successfully locate what they need to best demonstrate their restaurant. They will be given creative license to design and construct and present their concept in the final judging.

Teams are then given 1 hour to build, construct, develop, and practice delivery of their concept restaurant, utilizing the combined knowledge, skills and experience of team members. Again, creativity is encouraged, as well as focusing on key points including marketing, customer service, operational systems, staff roles and profit forecasts.
Teams are then given 2 minutes to be critiqued by the judging panel to ensure they are following the guidelines they are set.

15 minutes is all the time the teams will receive to modify, rework and generally put the finishing touches to their final presentation of their restaurant to the judging panel.

Each team must go over and above the norm with their 4 minute restaurant presentation in order to impress the judges and beat the other teams entries. The teams presentations will take place in front of the judging panel, and the other teams with all present having a say in final judging.

Key discussion points prior to event

·   The type of business model / restaurant that teams will develop ie fast convenient take
away, health food, fried foods, dine in restaurant etc.
·   Key performance indicators
·   Key strategies and systems to be included in the team brief
·   Topics and key operational issues to be raised in debrief

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