Sand Tobogganing and 4X4 Team Building Adventure

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Sand tobogganing sees the participants propelling themselves down a sand dune on a specially made sand board with a waxed bottom.

The waxed bottom is used to provide less friction so the board propels down the sand hill giving the participant the thrill of a lifetime. You can sit on the board, lie down face first or for the real adventurous at heart, go backwards.

There are a number of places where you can experience sand tobogganing on South Stradbroke, and the best sand dunes are in close proximity to McLarens Landing. These areas have formed through natural erosion and are constantly changing on a daily basis, which ensures a smooth and exhilarating ride down.

The sand around McLarens Landing are an ideal location for beginners and the more experienced and provide the perfect setting to learn your sand tobogganing skills. The sand hills stretch right across the Island and provide many places to experience the thrill of flying down a sand hill.

Some of these sand hills can be up to 60 metres high and not only can you have the thrill of a lifetime throwing yourself down the hill, you can also experience fantastic views of the beach and surrounding areas.

If sand tobogganing isn’t enough excitement for your group, and you want to really blow them away, then why not double up and combine it with an extreme 4 wheel drive tour of the islands many soft sand trails and dune crossings.

Tours can be custom designed to include a sand dune BBQ lunch, sand tobogganing, followed by a cool swim on one of the many beautiful beaches on the island.

Catering and alcohol packages available.

The day will include the following: First aid trained and experienced guides, set up, transfers, day program design, all equipment and resources, beach permits, sunscreen, hats, bottled water and a guaranteed fun and team bonding day.

Our Restaurant Rules

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An Outcome Based Team Building Activity

Another television show inspired team building event, Our Restaurant rules recreates the real life pressure of a commercial kitchen. Your team will be required to come up with the theme of the restaurant, produce a marketing campaign and then deliver results in the kitchen!

Each Program Is Custom Designed

Sports Corp Elite design each employee team challenge to fit the particular needs of your team. Different team building activities yield different outcomes.

Each program is built using outcome driven team building activities. The activities involve your team being given an objective to complete, they will have limited time and resources and additional obstacles will be thrown in their way.  Teams will be guided to success in spite of the obstacles. There is no right or wrong way to complete the tasks, only how well the group work as a team.

Professional Facilitation Produces Clear Outcomes

Following each team challenge our professional facilitator(s) will lead your team in a focused debrief surrounding your team’s dynamics, relating their performance back to their workplace. The debrief lasts 20 – 30 minutes. We use a very powerful facilitation process to deliver business-focused results.

Participants in our programs rave about how much fun they have, as well as how much value they receive. Sports Corp Elite delivers solid team building results, which make a difference once the team returns to the workplace.


Open up new channels of communication, idea sharing, cross pollination of experience, ideas and skills identifying and building team roles.
Participants will be given objectives to complete, have scarce resources, be limited by time and face a variety of surprise obstacles.

And they will still be expected to succeed, just like at work!

This fantastic team building event is divided into several progressive phases; each one more complicated and requiring greater teamwork in order for the teams to be successful. At the end of each phase the facilitator will invite participants to offer opinions, strategies and ideas.

The discussion will focus on teamwork, idea sharing, support, trust, working together, defining roles, leadership and communication. Teams will be challenged to take their team support, and therefore their overall performance, to the next level in order to achieve success.

Each team will be briefed on the aims and objectives of the challenge. They are then plotted against each other, given a budget, a list of focused initiatives, a business brief, and a lot of creative license in order to complete the task.

Teams are given a 30 minute planning period and a white board, and are required to design a concept restaurant. The restaurant may serve fresh and healthy cuisine, fast food, it may be a take away convenient restaurant, or maybe a dine in restaurant (to be discussed).

Following the planning period teams will receive a limited budget (cash), limited resources and materials, and 1 hour to source additional resources, supplies, and materials from in and around the resort (beg, borrow or purchase).

Teams will be required to delegate team roles, and carefully plan their 1 hour resource gathering mission in order to successfully locate what they need to best demonstrate their restaurant. They will be given creative license to design and construct and present their concept in the final judging.

Teams are then given 1 hour to build, construct, develop, and practice delivery of their concept restaurant, utilizing the combined knowledge, skills and experience of team members. Again, creativity is encouraged, as well as focusing on key points including marketing, customer service, operational systems, staff roles and profit forecasts.
Teams are then given 2 minutes to be critiqued by the judging panel to ensure they are following the guidelines they are set.

15 minutes is all the time the teams will receive to modify, rework and generally put the finishing touches to their final presentation of their restaurant to the judging panel.

Each team must go over and above the norm with their 4 minute restaurant presentation in order to impress the judges and beat the other teams entries. The teams presentations will take place in front of the judging panel, and the other teams with all present having a say in final judging.

Key discussion points prior to event

·   The type of business model / restaurant that teams will develop ie fast convenient take
away, health food, fried foods, dine in restaurant etc.
·   Key performance indicators
·   Key strategies and systems to be included in the team brief
·   Topics and key operational issues to be raised in debrief

Corporate Hijack

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An Outcome Based Team Building Activity

The true test of any executive team is the ability of that team to unite their collective knowledge, skills, experience and personalities to successfully complete any given task…….. apparently!

Place a group of people in unfamiliar surrounds, blind fold them, bundle them onto a 40 foot Scarab boat, or lead them under the thud, thud of a Bel Ranger Helicopter as they board to fly to an unknown destination, and soon the dynamic of that team changes dramatically.

The collective attributes of the team will make the seemingly impossible, more than possible, and together take the team to incredible new heights.

Guidelines and a survival pack are left with the team, and through nothing but their own initiative, they stand tall as they accept physical, emotional and psychological challenges (the rules change constantly). Through nothing but teamwork, process improvement and focussed intelligence, they experience small successes on their quest for survival.


Corporate Hijack quite simply brings out the best of a team, more particularly if that team is made up of company decision makers and executives. Working side by side to achieve success, each individual will experience new forms of communication and problem solving.

Their decision making ability will be tested at length under duress, and as a result their leadership qualities and the empathy required towards other individuals are tested, improved upon, and highlighted. The collective energy required to succeed in escaping the Corporate Hijack and returning to home base is the ultimate in turning the otherwise immeasurable team dynamic into a somewhat measurable and transparent team initiative.

The team will relive their experience through an in depth debrief process conducted by our organisational psychologist.

The Corporate Hijack can involve boats, helicopters, trains, buses, trucks, mountain bikes, kayaks, home made rafts, etc, depending on the requirements, dates, numbers and location of the event. Specific outcomes can be achieved via an intensive company review prior to the event, to align the outcomes of the day with that of the companies vision.

Corporate Hijack is the ultimate individual and team building challenge, and something that those involved will remember for years to come.

Garden Pond Design 101

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Garden pond design is the thing that makes or breaks the total project. It is entirely one thing to have a well-constructed hole in the ground but unless you plant around it properly, well… you have a great hole in the ground. 🙂 Sometimes you even have a leaking hole in the ground. 🙁

Backyard ponds come with a full range of delightful moments and these rarely need discussing on the Internet.

However what we do find is that when pond gardeners have a small problem, the first place they now charge off to is the Internet. This page is a reference page for solving problems, giving you honest information without trying to sell you anything (other than one of my ebooks or my free gardening newsletter of course) (insert grin here) and answering your pond gardening questions.

One time you wouldn’t want a hole in the ground is if you were designing above ground ponds. Here are a few thoughts on designing for them.

The only other time you wouldn’t want to have a hole in the ground is if you were installing an indoor pond or indoor water garden Here are a few things to consider.

And if you want to avoid holes in the ground with your pond side plants, here are a few suggestions for container gardening with pond plants.

On a similar vein, here’s my thoughts on patio ponds and the things you can do with them.

This and the following pages in this section are intended to introduce you to some of the basic design or landscaping principles around making that water feature look like a feature rather than a dud. These garden pond design thoughts and suggestions do not take away from regular landscaping design principles but should be considered as suggestions regarding pond landscaping itself.

Need some good water garden construction pictures?

The First Rule

is that there are no rules. There are however “suggestions” that you might consider sticking to. These will keep you out of trouble and if you’ve never done any landscaping at all, they will act as rules. But, if you really want to break them, well then go ahead and have a good time doing so.

The most important thing to understand in any landscaping project is that it has to please you. If you are happy with your garden then no garden designer or garden snob has the right to tell you otherwise. They have the right to disagree with you and not like what you’ve done but they don’t have to live with your garden. Please yourself. (but here’s a few thoughts anyway)

The second suggestion is not to try to save on the number of plants you install. I know it is tempting to try to save money at this point in the construction process but ensuring there are enough major plants in the design to soften the edges and make it look natural will make or break your project.

Turtle Ponds are a great way to design a backyard pond for amusement as well as helping give wildlife a home. Here’s the simplest of water garden design tips.

Aquascape Designs are the largest pond manufacturer and pond system in today’s market. Here’s my quick take on this company.

Underwater pond lighting is imporant for pond enjoyment and here are three considerations and light placements for you to consider.

As regular readers know, I have a soft spot in my gardening world for garden ponds and last week, I spent a day taking a contractors course in constructing modern water gardens. What I learned can be summed up in a simple philosophy and a very few words.

Copy Mother Nature

I think the consumer-oriented book from this company is the best beginner book for constructing garden ponds.

I don’t know how many times I’ve said “copy Mother Nature” (or something similar) in my own soil-based gardening world so when the course instructors said that, I confess I was hooked. Copy old Mom and everything will turn out well. As it turns out, when you examine what nature is doing in her garden ponds, we can duplicate those things with very little effort. And, as I drooled over the slides of wonderful ponds, I confess I’m prepared to start spending the effort to work with nature on my garden ponds and designs.

Think Modern Systems

The first thing you have to do is shuck off some of the older notions of building garden ponds or pondless waterfalls. Like many things in this gardening world of ours, we’ve learned some things about garden ponds in the past few years that are not yet described well in our gardening books and magazines.

Look at what is happening in nature and then copy that.

An Old Myth Exposed

For example, books always say that covering up the pond liner is a no-no. For sure, we want to protect the exposed edges from sunlight so it doesn’t degrade but the old advice was that the liner inside the pond should be bare.

Now, the word is to lay rocks and small pea gravel onto this liner to protect it and provide a home for beneficial bacteria to work to help keep our water clear.

Makes sense to me, have you ever seen a pond or creek in the wild without rocks or sand or some substrate to protect working bacteria? Me neither. There is of course a way to lay these rocks and gravel down so as not to damage the liner but once they are laid down, the pond becomes one step closer to being a full bio-filter.

Water Management

Because that’s the next step in water management. If you have fish and wildlife in your garden ponds, then you are going to have to install a two step filtration system. Most of my existing garden ponds were designed for plants; I don’t have large fish in them but as soon as you put fish into a pond, and you really want to do this for sure, then you have to go to filtration.

Garden Hoses

You first order of business is to find the best garden hose that you can get your hands on. This can be easy if you live in a city with good suppliers but becomes much more difficult if you live far out in the wilderness and don’t have access to such stores.

One of my top recommendations would be to start out with an expandable hose as opposed to a traditional rubber garden hose. This is because the expandable hose seems to withstand the elements a bit more than the rubber, which can crack easily in colder weather.

Mother Nature Filters Her Water

I can hear you saying, “Mother Nature doesn’t filter her water.” Well, check out all the swamps, bogs and wetlands around us; those are nature’s filter systems and they keep our water clean and pure. When you remove wetlands and bogs, you’re removing nature’s filters.

If you don’t have filtration when you have running water, the pumps very quickly clog up and cleaning out those tiny screens is a royal pain in the anatomy. So, what I learned was that a two step filtration system works best.

First Filter

The first step is a large particle filter or pond skimmers. This is like a furnace screen that removes all the floating junk in the pond. All the leaves, bits of grass and stuff that is attracted to a pond like iron filings are attracted to a magnet can be removed by a large-particle filter.

Clean this box out once a week (or more when leaves are falling or you’ve pointed the lawn mower discharge into the pond by accident) and much of the problem disappears.

Second Filter

A second filter, called a biological filter, acts to balance the water chemistry. Things like nitrates are absorbed and used by bacterial cultures inside this filter.

While the construction of such a filter is pretty simple and its operation is equally easy, it turns out that this is one of those things that bogs and swamps also do for our natural streams.

Copying nature, we build or purchase a large enough biological filter to handle the size of our garden ponds and then we can have lots of fish. I confess I have this picture of trout in my backyard pond; throw in a line and out comes dinner.

Water Pump

To make this entire system work, we use a pump installed in the skimmer filter to pump the water through hoses to the other end of the pond and through the biological filter.

From this biological filter, the water runs into the pond to start the process over again. The algae and bacteria on the rocks in the pond help to filter the water and keep it crystal clear.

What is interesting is that when this system is all set up properly, it works like a charm and provide a wonderful pond setting. The key is to size all the component pond pump parts properly.

Pump Rating

The pump should be capable of moving all the water in the pond every two hours or less. If you have a 4000 gallon pond, then the smallest pump you can use is one rated for moving 2000 gallons of water per hour.

Jungle Drums – Team Building Activity

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A team of facilitators brings a vanload of instruments to your venue (indoor or outdoor) and within minutes a pulsating drum orchestra is created with any number of participants.

The Purpose

To give an organisation, its consultants and trainers a different type of teamwork experience which they can apply to their working environment. To give individuals the experience of being part of a successful team because without each other the orchestra does not exist.

The Goal

To transform the team into a unified, slick and cohesive entity that not only holds a musical beat, but takes that musical beat and delivers the performance of a lifetime, achieving a creative and musical frenzy that will be remembered forever. Participants will be involved in an exciting and engaging activity that gives a clear illustration and experience of successful teamwork.

The Tools

Drums and percussion instruments of all types suited to the group size, timings and venue.

The Format

We get the room ready setting the instruments out on chairs before everyone enters. Participants are encouraged to start playing and explore the instrument as soon as they sit down – even if they’ve never held a musical instrument before. The first piece of music is created from these explorations through the facilitator making eye contact and using body language to encourage the whole room to get into the beat.


The facilitator creates success within the music by aiding non-verbal communication within the group. He begins by developing listening from one side of the group to the other. This progresses to several sub groups or instrument types. Competitive sub groups may choose to compete for the limelight as they battle it out with energetic and often hilarious pieces of ‘music’. Finally complex relationships are drawn out. By the end the group is working as one and able to achieve remarkable results.


Our leadership style is one that encourages creativity and empowerment amongst the participants. If a participant can take over the leader’s role to bring about similar results by the end of the session, then that’s even better! This interactive session will bring out the creative best in each individual, and as a complete team.

Fun and Laughter

Your people will be on cloud nine both during and post drumming. The beat of the drums, the chance to explore their talents and creativity, and the feeling of success when the whole group reach a percussive climax of loud and throbbing proportion. The whole experience will leave the group on a high that will have them talking about the experience for weeks to follow.

The Great Australian BBQ Challenge

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An Outcome Based Team Building Activity

Who is the supreme BBQ team?

The Great Australian BBQ Challenge is a highly energised version of the Iron Chef Television Show, in combination with the touch of finesse of Gourmet Traveler Magazine. The program is a fantastic way for groups to challenge their culinary skills, work together as a team, and develop a greater understanding of working under pressure whilst relying on team mates to perform.

This unique team event will recreate such themes as creative thinking, open communication and team interaction.

“The Chairman” divides the group into equal teams and briefs them on the objectives of The Great Australian BBQ Challenge. Teams are then outfitted with chef hats, aprons, Gourmet BBQ’s, an array of cooking utensils, and a whole bunch of raw, unprepared ingredients. Add a few secret herbs and spices, along with the secret ingredient of the day, and the teams are ready to start planning their menu.

The Chairman will inject some creative challenges throughout the program to put some added pressure on the teams, as well as ensuring the teams work in unison with each other on one particular culinary project – the menu.

Teams must prepare themed courses including an entrée’, a gourmet salad, a sample of delicious vegetables, and an Aussie meat dish containing the secret ingredient. The Great Australian BBQ must be planned, prepared. Cooked and presented on time to the panel of esteemed judges.

Judges will award scores for taste, style, teamwork, presentation, and originality.
Then it is time for all participants to sit and feast on the gourmet BBQ delights and judge for themselves who they believe is The Great Australian BBQ Champion

Open up new channels of communication, idea sharing, cross pollination of experience, ideas and skills identifying and building team roles. Participants will be given objectives to complete, have scarce resources, be limited by time and face a variety of surprise obstacles.

And they will still be expected to succeed, just like at work! This fantastic team building event is divided into several progressive phases; each one more complicated and requiring greater teamwork in order for the teams to be successful. At the end of each phase the facilitator will invite participants to offer opinions, strategies and ideas.

The discussion will focus on teamwork, idea sharing, and support, trust, working together, defining roles, leadership and communication. Teams will be challenged to take their team support, and therefore their overall performance, to the next level in order to achieve success.

Jungle Spice – Team Building Event

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Imagine live percussionists, Samba girls and dynamic Capoeiristas creating the most amazing atmosphere, full of high energy, adrenaline and a whole bunch of laughs.

This is the ultimate event to bring your team together, have an amazing time, and experience the high energy of drums and movement. 

The event begins with delegates arriving to a cordoned off area of which will be their exclusive space for the next three hours. As they arrive, a big circle of percussion instruments including drums, Bongos, djembes, congas, bells, and shakers, are laid out before them, which they are directed to select and sit behind on the grass. The next 75 minutes will speed by, as the group is taken through a dynamic and hilarious drumming workshop, where they will be taught basic beats, breaks and drumming solos.

Then whilst the drummers are doing their thing, Samba girls and the Capoeirista make their grand entrance, dressed in their bright coloured and sexy samba and Capoeira costumes, and perform a very dynamic Sth American dance display.

Now it is the delegates’ turn to put down their drums, stand up, and be taken through the basics as the high energy Capoeirista teaches a few moves/combo’s to the group. In a follow-the-leader format, the group will experience the fun and adrenaline of Sth American dance, nothing too hard, but challenging enough to make them work it! (And get a good laugh out of each other!)

After about 45 minutes of dance (with the Sth American drummers are still drumming) the group sits back down with their percussion instrument. Accompanied by the loud and throbbing beat of the group drumming, the Samba girls and Capoeirista do a performance to show every-one how it’s supposed to look. After a short performance, it’s everyone else’s turn to shake their thing.

And what better way to get the group pumped, up than getting them up one by one and dancing in the circle, following the lead of the Samba girls, trying out a few of their new Capoeira moves, as the loud beat gets faster and faster, and bringing the group together in a loud, high energy, and hilarious experience they will remember forever.

This is a fun activity and a great team-building event that brings together all your team in a high energy, often hilarious and very thought provoking format, and provides the opportunity to discover the perhaps hidden talents and skills of your people.

Sports Corp Elite will incorporate challenges that are designed to meet all levels of fitness and age groups. These may range from the physical through to the mentally challenging.Imagine live percussionists, Samba girls and dynamic Capoeiristas creating the most amazing atmosphere, full of high energy, adrenaline and a whole bunch of laughs. This is the ultimate event to bring your team together, have an amazing time, and experience the high energy of drums and movement.

Tantalising Tuscany

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Treat your team to an Italian Master Class

Whatever way you look at it food touches everyone. We need it to survive! However it’s the preparation of where the passion happens and where people’s creativity can thrive. Why? The chef becomes an artist as they prepare a masterpiece…or an assembly line manufacturer as they flounder in the dark dungeon of a microwave meal.

It is in the different regions of the world where the food creativity happens. All countries have the same ingredients yet produce such different results. The worlds top chef’s rave about Italian and in particular, Tuscan Cuisine. The tastes, the smells, the fresh ingredients, the passion, the love of cooking…..

Tantalising Tuscany saves you the airfare and brings a Tuscan gastronomic experience to you and your team!

Tantalising Tuscany is more than a ‘cooking class’. Tuscan chefs, Simone and Filippo Franchi take teams on a journey into the heart and soul of Italian cooking as they unlock the secrets of amazing Tuscan food in a highly participative, fun and energetic environment.

Teams not only get to cook fantastic Tuscan Cuisine as chefs but then sit down as restaurant customers to enjoy the amazing food they have created. Best of all – team members get to take the secrets home to amaze friends and family.

Teams interact and work together in a fun and unique environment and are involved in every step of the creative cooking process. From mixing the pizza dough, preparing and choosing the ingredients to creating their own unique restaurant, teams ‘own’ the experience from start to finish.

Each person gets to cook their own unique pizza and faces the ultimate culinary test as their team mates vote for the best pizza and choose the ‘pizza king or queen’. The meal is accompanied by live Italian music from the fabulous Franchi Brothers. And hey, if there is any great food left over – you have a doggy bag to take it home!


·         Engages both left and right thinking skills

·         Creates a ‘what’s possible?’ mentality

·         Discover more about the hidden creative abilities of team mates

·         Teams will create something that they didn’t think possible!

·         Opens up new lines of communication

·         Develops team camaraderie as they work towards a common goal

Practical details….

·         Fun, unique and dynamic experience that engages everyone

·         Everyone participates – no physically challenging activities!!

·         Teams work with professional Italian chefs and facilitators

·         Works with all groups sizes and all levels of perceived cooking ability

·         Experience can be run anywhere – bring the cooking equipment to you!

·         Cost/head covers 3 courses of Italian food: 3-4 starters, Pizza (main) and Desert.

·         Each team member creates their unique own Italian pizza!

·         2.5 – 3.5 hrs in length

·         More food to eat than you can imagine!

And a very happy team!

I would like to thank you again for the Tantalising Tuscany experience that we had this week. It was exactly what the team was looking for and the absolute highlight of our offsite. It was so refreshing to do something so fun and unique and Simone and Filippo were just fantastic. Thanks again and we are already looking forward to working with you again later in the year. Creata

The AGENDA Team Challenge

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The Agenda instills the message into participants that understanding, trusting and having empathy for each other, and going that extra mile and giving that extra bit of effort will get them closer to reaching their goals. 


Overview: A fully facilitated personality trait appreciation activity that identifies how each participant is viewed by his/her colleagues.

1. First, take a piece of flipchart paper and write your name vertically down the left side.
2. Next, choose a word that starts with each letter of your name. The word should describe something about you. Write those words horizontally across the paper, using the letters of your name as the first letter of each descriptive word.
3. After you have listed your words, highlight the 3 words that you think best describe you
4. When you are finished, tape your poster to the wall. The facilitator will the promote group discussion on each persons poster, identifying strengths and individual traits that may assist the group in the following activities.
Outcomes: Appreciation, understanding, self-esteem and confidence building, fun, bonding


Overview: Participants are grouped into a very large circle. The facilitator brings out 3 -7 cats (stuffed animals) and the group is told they will learn how to cat juggle. One cat is thrown across the circle to one of the participants; he/she then throws the cat to another participant and so on until cats are flying everywhere. The team is challenged to juggle the cats without dropping any and completing the exercise in less and less time. What starts out as wild and crazy fun chaos end up with a highly functional and efficient team process.

Outcomes: As the group is challenged to improve their performance barriers are identified and creative solutions are introduced to overcome self imposed limitations. Participants open up to experiential learning as they enjoy having fun together and gaining insights into real world business issues.


Overview: A 12 x 12 “minefield” is set up and with live mousetraps. Participants are divided into teams of two (manager and worker). The worker is blindfolded and sent into the minefield to rescue important objects. The coach guides the worker so no mousetraps are set off. The teams switch roles and repeat until all objects have been rescued. The objects, which are being “rescued” by the team, can be metaphorized to fit your company (i.e. objects represent new customers, satisfied clients, successful projects, etc.)
Outcomes: Trust, communication, listening, support, cooperation vs. competition. This one is an attention getter. It is very challenging and very fun.


Overview: A 9 x 9 tarp, divided into 81 squares is the corporate maze. Participants enter the maze one at a time and figure out the correct path through the maze by trial and error.

The first time a “bad” square is stepped on there is no penalty. However, don’t let one of your teammates step on that square again or dire consequences will occur. Keeping track of the path and surrounding bad squares challenges even the most proficient teams.
Outcomes: Effective planning, knowledge management, roles & responsibilities.


Overview: As the legendary firefighter said prior to extinguishing the hundreds of oil well fires following the Gulf War. Poor planning in this instance will be catastrophic, whereas proper planning will see us toasting our marshmallows whilst thinking of how we will spend our reward”.

This is a fantastic development activity for groups up to 100 people. Forward thinking and diverse thinking are two of the major outcomes of the dynamic learning experience. Individuals will be required to fine tune their communication skills and develop new styles of communication to ensure success. Strong leadership is essential to team development, as is the leaders trust and empathy in the assistant leader’s roles in successfully completing the tasks.

Every participant will be required to fulfill an essential role, where time frames and pressure place equal importance upon every role. Outcomes: Communication, Leadership, Planning, role empathy, listening, cooperation across organizational boundaries.

This is a fun bonding program, and a great team-building event that brings together all your team in a competitive, often hilarious and very thought provoking format, and provides the opportunity to discover the perhaps hidden talents and skills of your people.

This event includes first aid trained facilitators, all travel and logistics, venue hire and council permits, set up and clean up of venue, all pre planning, design and development, all equipment and resources, team hats for all participants, digital photography on the day, and a guaranteed fun day for all participants.

A digital photo library of the event will be copied to disc and ready at the conclusion of the event for you to show at the dinner / function that night.


Corporate Days

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Are you Looking for Corporate Incentives, Rewards or Sporting Events Days that your Staff will really enjoy? Sports Corp Elite are known for their outstanding Special Events!

Motivation is about making things happen!

We design and deliver incentive, reward, and recognition programs make a statement to your people.

We design programs and events that:
•    Are highly valued
•    Interests and appeals to your people
•    Motivate and invigorate

Why not add that extra ‘WOW‘ factor by including an Elite Sportsperson into your chosen Sports Event?

Corporate Golf Day

A Team Building Corporate Event

Want to organise a Corporate Golf Day? It sounds so easy when you say it… but what does it really entail? Think about these things:

Pre Day Arrangements

  • Course booking including tee reservation
  • Golf Club staff communication
  • Clubhouse food and Beverage requirements
  • On course refreshments
  • Tournament format, card preparation and draw
  • Course preparation for nearest the pin, longest and straightest drives
  • Clubhouse parking requirements
  • Bag drop and buggy preparation planning
  • Hole allocation for sponsors and on course promotion management
  • Course access for banner placement on sponsored holes
  • Golf Course financial agreement

On the Day Administration

  • Preparation and manning of registration table
  • Distribution of pre game ‘giveaways’
  • Pre game welcome, rules & regulations review and send off
  • Prize table preparation
  • Card checking, score board management and preparation of results
  • MC for prize giving, microphone etc
  • Bag drop and buggy preparation
  • General tournament administration

To Consider

  • Preparation of printed welcome, agenda, rules and registrations and play format
  • On course fund raising events and staffing requirements
  • Requirements for prizes
  • Day timeline
  • Volunteer staff job delegation
  • Liaising with sponsors
  • Fund raisers:- 2 to 1 par 3 bet, speed gun, left handed club

Still want to do it all yourself? We didn’t think so!  Make an enquiry with Sports Corp Elite Today!

Corporate Beach Volleyball

Team Building Fun

Experience the fun, the teamwork and the excitement of playing this Olympic sport under instruction from some of the worlds l eading Beach Volleyball Players.

To make this eventmore exciting you can have the event hosted by 2000 Olympics Beach Volleyball Gold Medalists, Kerri Potharst and / or Natalie Cook, including motivational speech and autographed gold beach volleyballs. This creates one of the most memorable team building events you, your staff or your clients will ever experience!

The activity starts with team selection, team song, and a quick brief on the rules and the finer points of the game.

Then, join them for a fun filled clinic and learn all the skills yourself! We set you some goals and in a team-building environment you get the chance to challenge yourself. (Catered to all skill levels.)

Finish off with a hilarious and energy filled round robin tournament and see how well your team goes in a fast paced competition.

The day will include:

1. Set up of Beach Volleyball courts ANYWHERE IN AUSTRALIA.

2. Expert playing and coaching by some of the fittest and most experienced elite national players.

3. Tournament organisation, facilitation, scoring and coordination.

4. Team building and experiential learning activities.

5. Heaps of beach volleyballs to use on the day.

6. All program designed with fully qualified facilitators matched to your group size.

With outcomes including: Communication, Creating team power, Developing new skills, Shared leadership, Building a game plan and with the accent on being positive and having a whole bunch of fun, this is an outstanding corporate experience.

Beach Volleyball is a naturally dynamic team-building event that requires low skill or fitness levels and still enable participants to be challenged, have fun and bond with your team.

Corporate Surf Carnival

Team Building in the Surf

2 -3 hours of fun group competition and team development, in a round robin multi heat format on the beautiful beaches around the beach of your choice.

Participants are divided into equal teams and allocated team hats or life saving caps, briefed on the format and events of the day, and given a short time to identify their teams’ strengths to have the best possible chance of winning each event.

Iron man / woman, surf race, beach flags, board paddle, snap-taplin relay, and swimming races makes for a very competitive and extremely fun event.  The corporate surf carnival is run under the supervision of experienced qualified Surf Life Saving Professionals.

This event is very popular with organisations looking to improve interdepartmental communication, team bonding and teamwork.

Format:  Consecutive heats in Round Robin Style

The day will include the following: MC, facilitators, set up, design and development, all beach craft and equipment, all resources, beach permits, team colored zinc cream and sunscreen, team hats, bottled water, engraved winners medallions and a guaranteed fun and team bonding event.

Shade marquees are available to be set up on the beach.