Survivor – Build a winning team!

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You’ve seen the hit TV series ‘Survivor’, now we have added some positive twists.

Your team can benefit from participating in this exciting and fun challenge adding the WOW FACTOR to any conference or event. Survivor instills the message into participants that going that extra mile and giving that extra bit of effort will get them closer to reaching your goals.

Once teams arrive, they are divided into tribes, collect their bandanas and select a suitable name for their tribe, they set about achieving the ultimate objective – to be the last surviving tribe.

Throughout the day, the tribes, in real survivor style, will be tested in a number of physical, recreational and problem solving tribal challenges.

Examples of Tribal Challenges

> Water Transfer – In true Survivor spirit, tribes must locate and then transfer precious water from the well to their drinking tub, using only a leaky bucket. The first tribe to fill their water tub is the winner and will be given immunity for the next challenge. An absolutely hilarious challenge!

> Obstacle Course – Tribes race each other through a very technical obstacle course, ensuring each tribe member completes the course correctly to prevent being deducted valuable immunity balloons. Each tribe member waits until their previous tribe member has completed the course before they begin. Once all tribe members are through once, they come back through the obstacle course, as a team.

Red Adair – Tribes compete against each other in a race to extinguish the raging oil fire that threatens their valuable food supplies. The only tools they are given are a piece of rope, a hook, and a few simple instructions. The first tribe to extinguish their fire without spilling the oil will be given immunity and may destroy 2 immunity balloons belonging to another team.

> Mind Boggler – Tribes are given a series of brainteasers to solve. Only when they are correctly solved can the tribe make their way through the obstacle course to solve a bunch of riddles, then make their way back through the obstacle course to the finish line.

> Riddler – Tribes are given a piece of parchment to write on. The tribes are all asked a series of general knowledge questions, and write their answer displayed on the parchment. Tribes with the correct answers are given an opportunity to burst any of the other tribe’s immunity balloons that have answered incorrectly of tribes with incorrect answers.

Depending on the level of success at each activity, tribes will be rewarded with immunity balloons, which are collected during the challenges or awarded at the conclusion of the immunity challenges.

Tribal Council demands a mix of knowledge, quick thinkers, teamwork, skill and shared experience. In true Survivor tradition, tribes set about forming and breaking alliances as they plan a strategy for survival to the end.

This is a fun activity, and a great team-building event that brings together all your team in a competitive, often hilarious and very thought provoking format, and provides the opportunity to discover the perhaps hidden talents and skills of your people.

Sports Corp Elite will incorporate immunity challenges that are designed to meet your particular requirements. These may range from physical through to mentally challenging.

CITY SCRAMBLE Event on March 21st 2019

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Objective: To discover the hidden treasures of your capital city.

Combining a high level of teamwork, commitment and fun your teams will need to be at their best to come out on top. The challenges will keep coming throughout the program as we sort the weak from the strong, the slow from the fast and the winners from those that tried hard but didn’t quite make it.

The only question that remains is who will win the CITY SCRAMBLE!!!!!


Armed with a digital camera, maps, money, public transport tickets and a list of items to collect, photograph and buy – the teams will be let loose in the CBD. The objective of the program is to gain as many points as possible by completing set tasks (these tasks can be tailored to address certain teambuilding issues or they could be recreational challenges). Discover just how much you didn’t know about the history, character and attractions existing right on your own cities doorstep.

Teams will be handed an instruction booklet outlining where and when various activity stations will be held in order for teams to earn big points in the City Scramble. Teams must use their cash to get there on time and comeplete the tasks for points. Are you a scrooge and encourage your team to run and save money, or will you hire a limo to get you around?

In between activity stations, various tasks must be completed for more points, involving teams making their way to various landmarks and attractions to complete specific City Scramble tasks.

The City Scramble is a great team building event, encouraging strategy, communication, navigation and the ability to follow instructions. Throw in history, local trivia and customised corporate information if you wish, and you have the makings of a great event. Not only will your group come away with a better knowledge of the city, they will also have photos of part or all of their team kissing strangers, performing handstands, dancing in front of strangers, creating human pyramids and standing in front of some of your city’s most loved tourist destinations (all of these tasks can be modified to suit the abilities and interests of your team).

Successfully combining teamwork, co-operation, competition and most importantly fun the City Scramble will be an event that your team will be talking about for years to come.

Now get Scrambling!!!!!!

Corporate Team Building Activities, Exercises and Events

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Team Building should be FUN! Not just Challenging, Thought Provoking or Physical… Build Trust, Friendship and Co-operation together!

Get your people into the team spirit with these fun, engaging and sometimes competitive activities. Specially designed around the strengths of your group, these activities will bring out the best in your staff.

•    Fun and engaging
•    Teamwork
•    Bonding
•    Maximum participation
anywhere in Australia.Or if you prefer to email, complete the “Quick Quote” form and submit your details so that we can get in touch with you.

Team Building Activities… Are your events unique, fun and challenging exercises that your people rave about for months afterwards?

Why not let Sports Corp Elite help you? We not only deliver everything you are looking for and more, we make organising it easy!

We are Australia’s #1 Team Building Bureau, giving you independent advice on a superb range of the most popular events plus access to Australia’s leading Team Building companies.

“I would just like to thank you for all your help in making sure we had the best possible event for our staff. As you know, we had ourselves pretty confused! but you made it so much easier!! Thanks again.”

“We have quite a few corporate functions throughout the year and as we were all very happy I doubt it will be long before we will be asking for your help to organise something for us again. Thanks again the Sports Corp Elite team- you’re gems”

“We have done a number of team building events before but I found it much easier being able to chat to you and get unbiased advice on different events, rather than “being sold” something that we didn’t really want. Sports Corp Elite will be our first call every time from now on.”

How Do We Help You?

You have a chat to us about the type of event you are looking for, what you would like to achieve from your event, outcomes from your team, location, budget, number of participants etc.

We can give you feedback and ideas from your choices and let you know what has worked well for other companies.

We will make some suggestions on a range of different events and give you an idea of costings and outcomes.

In making sure you get a range of the best options and just the right events company to run your event we will make some recommendations and can then have the event organisers contact you directly to arrange some final proposals for you.

You can then make the best choice for your company – no need to do any more searching or running around!
Importantly, we make sure that you have an easy and enjoyable process from start to end, working with a pro-active friendly team that understand the pressures on you to make the right choice

Sound too good to be true?

Well, it isn’t. We know how much our clients enjoy their events. We hear for months afterwards how the teams are still talking about their experience, and the positive impact it has had on them, both individually and as a group. And because we make sure we spend plenty of time discussing your needs BEFORE your event, we know that you too will be delighted, excited, inspired.