Team Building FAQ


Q. Are awards/ trophies/ medallions included in the price?

YES. Engraved medallions are included in the price. If you would like a Trophy or other awards, we can incorporate this in the quote.

Q. Can you run an event in my area?

YES. We run events all over Australia, New Zealand and Asia/Pacific.

Q. Do I need a venue?

Most of our events are outdoor events. If it is an event that requires a field or oval, we can organize permits and infrastructure for you and factor it into the quoted price. If it is one of our RACES you will need to think about where you would like to finish the event. If you decide on a pub or restaurant, we can liaise with them, and provide them with your payment details for alcohol and food where required. 

Q. Do we need to bring cameras?

Sports Corp Elite provide digital cameras on the day of the event. Our team will capture all the action throughout the entire event. 

Q. Do you cater for disabled participants?

YES. In consultation with you we ensure all participants get equally involved.

Q. Do you only run the events that are on your website?

We often find we are brainstorming and developing unique events to specifically meet our clients event needs. The events listed on the website are our most popular events, however we often develop new events, or combine events, based on your needs.
Similarly, if you have something special in mind, Sports Corp Elite can help you turn it from an idea into mind blowing reality.

Q. Do you organize catering, transport, accommodation and any other extras as part of the event?

YES. We can organize the best prices, venues and talent from our loyal suppliers wherever you are in Australia, New Zealand and the Asia / Pacific region.

Q. How do we get/ see our photos?

Sports Corp Elite will transfer the images onto disc at event end when required, so you can view them on the big screen over dinner. 

A selection of the best photos will be posted on this website for a limited time.

Q. How hard is the event, both physical and mental?

This is entirely up to you. Some events are more physical and some are more mentally challenging. All of our events are tailor made to your specific requirements and we can make it as challenging as you desire.

Q. How long do the events go for?

Events run for different times depending on the size of your group, the location, budget and time frame.  The most popular time frame is 3 – 4 hours, either as a morning or afternoon event.  We run team building events anywhere from 2 hours to 3 days!  We also can run “Icebreakers” during your conference, apart from your main team building event.

Q. How much does it cost?

Event prices vary, depending on the event itself and the inclusions. Most of our exciting team building options, like the Amazing Race Around programs range in price from $5800 – $12200. Our executive events start from approximately $10500 and generally range up to around $54,000.

Q. How much time do you need as lead in time prior to the event?

The larger the event, the more lead in time required to secure venues, resources, talent, permits etc. Depending on the type of event you are interested in, we usually need a minimum of about 4 weeks.

Please also keep in mind that we are quite exclusive, and only run one or two events per week, so the sooner you are aware of your dates, the easier it is for us to fit you in. 

Q. I can’t decide on which event to choose – can you help?

YES. Just give us a call or send us your details through the “Qucik Quote” and we can look at your outcomes and see which is going to be the best event to achieve these in the most exciting, fulfilling and dynamic way!

Q. Is food and drink included in your cooking programs?

FOOD is included in the price of the event. Drinks are not  included initially as this varies greatly between companies.  This is normally handled once we are booking the venue. We can organize alcohol and other drinks for your event if required.

Q. Is venue hire included in the price?

NO. However we can recommend many suitable venues. Alternatively for a management fee we can arrange this for you as part of the event.

Q. What do I need to tell my staff to bring to the event?

In the week prior to the event date, we will email you a document to forward to your people outlining what they can expect, what to wear, maps and directions where required, and what else they may need to bring on the day.

Q. What happens after I have confirmed our event?

We will confirm your event in our calendar, check availability of venues, research permit and licensing requirements, and invoice you for a deposit of 50% to secure the booking.

Q. What if it rains?

Our number one priority is to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for your people. We monitor the weather very closely in the days prior to an event, and if there is a chance of light rain, we will either organize wet weather gear to outfit the participants, or arrange an alternate venue. In the case of heavy rain and storms, we can, in consultation with you, reschedule the event if possible to another date that suits.  Please read the Wet Weather Policy on our Terms & Conditions when booking so you are familiar with the options.

Q. What if numbers change after confirmation? Can I let you know on the day?

The earlier we can confirm final numbers, the better. We realize that this may by difficult at times, so as long as we have final number (or at least close to final numbers) 3 days out from the event, we will ensure that we have enough resources to cater for a few extras.

Q. What if some of my participants don’t want to do it? Or are not very good at getting involved?

Sports Corp Elite promote maximum participation at all our events. We also realize that sometimes you can’t get everyone to participate, so we also provide alternate options when required.



Q. Who deals with the venue?

We can or you can! If you find it easier for us to deal with them, then we are more than happy to take this load off your shoulders. If you like to have your finger on the pulse, then you can speak directly with the venue.

Q. Will you organize and liaise with the council about permits and other council matters?

YES. No need for you to worry about dealing with the councils – you can leave that fun job to us!  Where council permits are required, we will structure this into our price.